Banksy vs. The Afflicted Yard

Now, if the name Banksy draws a blank, you’ve most likely been living under a rock the last few years. Even if you’re not necessarily creatively driven, the work and vision of Banksy has caused much attention for some time now. Let it be noted that this said attention has been both positive and negative. Turns out that a stencil piece Banksy wrote, approximately four years back, was finally removed near a Jamaican pub.

The organization known as The Afflicted Yard was responsible for the disposal of Banksy’s work. After taking a look at the supplied video and the amount of work it took these individuals to remove a PIECE OF WALL, you get the sense that these people must be fucking unhappy about something in their lives.

I guess, for me, it’s bothersome. I understand the man has invaded privacy a bit, posted graffiti in an area where it may not have been appreciated, but was it really that distracting? As a creative individual, I believe that we should be allowed to take whatever is supplied (a drab piece of concrete in this instance) and make a statement, make a mundane object beautiful. Hell, imagine how much that silly slab of concrete would have made if it were sold to a Banksy enthusiast. Probably thousands upon thousands, which would go to show that I’m not alone in my stance. I suppose the cult Banksy following will have to justify that for now.

Anyways, let at this point of this post act as an open forum for your opinions, whether in agreement or disagreement. I’d like to hear what you think.

*Via HB

Ryan Haigh


1 Response to “Banksy vs. The Afflicted Yard”

  1. 1 Juj January 14, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    afflicted yard is an artistic bunch…they didn’t destroy this banksy, I’m sure…they probably took it for their own collection…. I had seen this banksy a week or 3 before it’s removal and took a pic of it…. I was actually going to round up some people in construction and have it removed myself….a friend told me i was ridiculous and I should leave it alone….alas 😦

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