The 5th “S” of Wine Tasting: Savor

The last and fifth “S” is savor. Once you have really rolled that wine around in your mouth, swallow it. This part is called the finish and it is what you experience after you have swallowed or finished the wine. It is what you still taste or feel as the wine goes down your throat.
If you feel warmth in your throat and mouth after swallowing, that might be a hint that the wine was higher in alcohol than normal. You should try and think, what do I still taste? Even after it’s gone. Is your mouth still watering and your cheeks tingling? That might mean it was fairly high in acidity.
Whatever it is, it might be a good idea to get a little wine journal that you can write down what you’re drinking and what you tasted in it. That way you can get an idea of what wines you like and why you liked them. The wine may be robust and full as you first taste it but the memory of it might not last so long. It’s always nice to have it written down somewhere so if someone asks your advice on a bottle of wine you can refer back and say, “Oh, yea this one was great. Try this.”
Well loyal, fledgling winos, with the 5th “S” of wine tasting comes the end of this series. Go, take this knowledge of the wine tasting experience and share it. Use it to impress people, coughgirlscough, use it to further your burgeoning love for wine, shit print this out and use it as the flag to your new country, “Winopia.” Whatever you use it for, just always remember that wine is always an experience and should never be seen as a chore. Why? Because I’ve never heard of needing to watch how many chores you do before you drive home.

Ryan Evans


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