I Tend To Get Carried Away


We all know the right and safe colors for men to wear at all times. These colors are: Black, White, and Beige. But, while you weren’t looking, a lot has happened in the fashion world- especially after the economic crisis to regain hope and positivity after a dark phase. I know you’re a busy (wo)man with other websites to peruse through, so this is a fashion menswear power smoothie.

1. RED: wear it. The hot red is the primary red, and not the neony bullshit we’ve dealt with last last spring. We see it done in a flawless tailored way by Marc Jacobs (1) the same red pants are redefined with red velvet by Gucci (2)- slightly grungier but with taste. Is that a manbag I see on (3)? It so is, and it’s a successful accessory pop color for Bottega Veneta.

2. MUSTARD YELLOW: It’s like the new beige: beige after a $10,000 facelift. The good thing about this color is that it’s not too far from the already established and accepted beige, but it has a little more edge and excitement to it. It catches the eye, but remains interesting and unique. Burberry Prorsum pulls a sexy in (5) with the boxy jacket.

3. BLUE: Blue in bags, blue in pants, blue in shiny, blue in blazers, there weren’t too many runway shows that shied away from this color in spring. It’s a very important color for men because it is refreshing, and you know how in infanthood, pink=girls, blue=boys, well, I think that mentality never breaks the human psyche and it is infinitely masculine, no matter how you apply it in fashion. Again, the risk isn’t too hard to take because navy blue has always been a good friend of conservative menswear (ask Ralph Lauren, he lives off of it). Note Gucci’s oversized manbag in (9), I have to admit that I see a bright future for those. If after two years, you see these flourish, remember my words of wisdom. Super cheesy looking guy on (10) is for Emporio Armani. Ooh shiny! Alessandro Dell’Acqua does (10) with a very simple silouhette but jazzes it up with the two hot colors discussed up there. (12) by Jil Sander. In a constant effort to redefine the blazer, Jil Sander does this, and I love it. If you’re above average looking and have enough confidence in your sexuality to do so, you should wear her clothes.

4. WHITE SUITS: (4) Bottega Veneta, (7) Cerruti, (8.) Louis Vuitton are sexy and I like them.

Okay, so that ended up being a really long smoothie, but just a few pop colors added to your wardrobe can bring new life and meaning to your look. Do it, and women will love you forever. And titties.

Yena Kim


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