Officina ALESSI


We’ve touched on a few watches here at 11. Usually of the subdued variety, or maybe a bit ludicrous. Lets say you’re a young hip individual. You want a watch that shows that you throw caution to the wind as you select accessories in the morning, being the rebel you are. Swatches are nice, but despite what it may look like around you, it’s not the 80’s and you want girls at the bar to take you remotely seriously. G-Shocks are all the rage but mommy bred you to believe a watch should have hands, and white digital watches should be reserved for Kanye West and/or various other entertainers i.e. college students; see also Beer Grylls. Enter Alessi, a design firm dubbed one of the most important “Factories of Italian Design”, and based in Crusinallo, close to Omegna. They specialize largely in home derived products, but their watch line deserves mention. The watch designs switch from uber-modern to understated classic easily while melding the two in the same breath. Between $100-$300 and available here.



al50111 al6021

Mikhail Budhai


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