The 3-Piece


Old School- Connery as 007

Old School- Connery as 007





aristocratic_suit.jpg .


Now, I am not the most fashion forward member of Eleven (hence being the food guy). I have my good days and my really good days (No days are bad) but one fashion element that I can say I am absolutely enamored with is the waistcoat, or vest as it is known here in the states. And it’s not so much the vest that I enjoy, as it is the outstanding look you create when it’s combined with a single-breasted suit. You may know this as a 3-piece suit. For some reason (unbeknown to me), the 3-piece suit is one of those things that, in my eyes, make a huge statement especially when worn in the right situation. It is not seen as often in the U.S as it is in Europe. It is also a rarity, today, to find a 21-year old rock a 3-piece like the most seasoned diplomat. It is for that reason, I will only buy a suit if there is a vest or I have the option to have one made. It’s a necessity to me. I get images of an old Aristocrat beaming with the all the confidence in the world. On the other end of that same spectrum, I see old school gangsters who were ruthless in their practices. But the thread between them all is respect and the seemingly endless supply of power… Maybe that’s what the appeal is. There are so many ways to wear a 3 piece, you just have to find the perfect fit for you. Trust me, its there.

Alvin J.B. Roberts, III


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