Red Pants, Blue Shoes


I have met the beast that is the desert boot. Conquered it, enslaved it, rode it around town for everyone to see. When she became senile I took her into the woods and shot her, several times, in and around vital organs. She cannot die. I’ve posted about desert boots several times but every time I think its time to retire the topic I get reminded of how awesome the look is. Here I have two looks completely different from each other and a further departure yet from what you may expect the desert boot look to be.

A friend of mine, in denying himself the glory of desert boot consumption, retorted, that they were too rugged looking; i.e. he is not rugged enough to wear them. The guy on top is wearing cerulean blue desert boots. That’s about as rugged as a floral print Carhartt hoodie. Distressed maybe, rugged not so much. The satchel and washed out blue save it from looking too clean, in fact this guy is obviously from not too strict a fashion discipline, as the leathers don’t match and the colors don’t match either. Freshness however is still the order of his day.


This guys pants without a doubt attract bees, all bees in a 6 mile radius. They are so red if they had a smell I would not be surprised. That’s not to knock the look though. Red and Tan compliment each other perfectly. The red for that bit of dandy in us all, and the dirty desert boots say; my pants are seriously red, but at least dad could appreciate my shoes. A nice balance between flashy, and utilitarian.

Mikhail Budhai


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