Chanel For Men


The above images are from a magazine Fantastic Man and were shot by the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman. While we covered the Chanel dive into menswear earlier, these images put the new Chanel design ethos in far more dramatic and illustrative terms.

To be frank, I’m not sure what makes these Chanel pieces that distinctive, certainly nothing that would warrant the added price of such items with a Chanel label. Sure, they are most certainly made of grandiose materials that were hand-picked by Lagerfeld himself, I’m just not sure clothes of this nature or style really depend on the quality of construction or finish.

I honestly think you could replace many of these pieces with stuff from H&M without serious difference. I think Chanel is riding its name rather than pushing forth any seriously unique designs. My question is, can Chanel’s elegant simplicity really translate in this market, and does Chanel menswear have to take a definite deviant path from its womenswear?

chanel1web chanel4aweb chanel2aweb1

Osama Eisa


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