Wet Lands


Gentlemen spring is indeed upon us. I awoke to birds chirping the other morning, meaning that life as we know it here in upstate New York has returned. I even saw a squirrel this morning, and figured he was the first to retire for the winter so he must be the first to get hungry. He/She was atop a garbage can stocking up on starches (Mcdonalds fries). It’s only February though so there is much torture left to be endured. In the mean time however there is a perilous danger lurking as the coming months gets warmer, something we should all be preparing ourselves for. Flash floods. Yes flash floods. Either that or everybody is getting boats. This is Apolis Activism‘s Spring 09 line and like a lot of the spring lines slowly trickling in, if your pants ain’t cuffed to mid shin, you ain’t saying shit. I think. Your palette should include the following, white, white, khaki, salmon, khaki, navy, and navy. Docksides mandatory. If your having trouble adapting, relocate to the upper east coast (see Nantucket) and set up observation points at all docks and boatyards. Take notes Carefully.


apolis-activism-spring-summer-2009-04 apolis-activism-spring-summer-2009-05

Mikhail Budhai


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