Erectile Dysfunction? Sweet, Let’s Drink.

I was wandering aimlessly via the information superhighway and came across this little nugget of information. The article appears on Wine Spectator and basically assuages worries for generations of men. How could we have not known that such an amazing substance could supply us with such vitality (or at least prevent the loss of what vitality we have)? Basically the article came down to this:

“This may come as a surprise to many, since alcohol has been considered a cause of male impotence for centuries. In Australia, locals colloquially refer to impotency as “brewer’s droop.”

“Alcohol consumption is a contentious social topic and is often assumed to have deleterious effect on sexual performance,” wrote the study’s authors, in the January issue of International Society for Sexual Medicine. “There is a lack of consensus on whether alcohol consumption may in fact be beneficial to erectile function.”

So please guys, go out and buy a bottle of wine and get to what I like to call “pre-vitalizing,” vitalize your life before you have to re-vitalize it. Wine is the ambrosia of the land and it’s just waiting to give you god-like abilities. Well, not really but for real, some scientists said it so that means it’s 100% true no doubt about it suh’. Now Eleven has said it and that makes 110% true. Word.

Ryan Evans


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