Valentine’s Day Done Right (Part 1)

X-Ray Kiss

Valentine’s Day is looming near and before all you men roll your eyes or start hyperventilating, let me explain my angle: This article is here to help you. As a woman, I must admit that I believe the hype and hoopla surrounding the ominous V-Day is ridiculous. No, I never expect a new Lexus or diamond ring from Kay Jewelers or even more absurd; a cheap, synthetic fuzzed up teddy bear that rang up $2.75 at our local drugstore. I advise all men – and women for that matter – to learn early on that Valentine’s Day is only an opportunity to remind or perhaps reveal to someone that you care. It need not be a stressful obligation or sadly, a reason to pick a fight.

If hearts and pink cupids make you gag, switch gears and treat this day as a slightly more formal date night. The act of a man making their date dinner is worth more to most women than any cheap teddy bear holding a horrific heart with the usually inaccurate “I love you” iron-on letters. I’ve included the recipe for last year’s Valentine’s Dinner menu of my own. If you aren’t too in-tune with your inner Anthony Bourdain, read on for a quick guide to impressive, and often times cheap gifts with some real clout.

To Be Continued…

Allison Giaquinto


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