Valentine’s Day Done Right (Part 2)

Lady & the Tramp

Dinner Date

The first rule of a romantic dinner is to ensure yourself a clean, quiet place. It doesn’t need to rival The Plaza, but why not break out the bleach and scrub down your kitchen? Ask your roommates for a night, whether it’s February 14th, 12th or 20th, without too many interruptions. Be sure to request your date’s presence far ahead of time and it won’t matter what day you plan your dinner.

If you think your Reservoir Dog posters and Bob Marley bead curtains are too unromantic for a date night setting, don’t worry. Candles turn any place into an ideal scene for a Valentine’s Day dinner and magically help block out any unrelated wall material. Candles, my friends, are your best friend if ever you need to host a romantic evening. To best suit a dinner night, look for anything unscented. Make a trip to your local Wal-Mart or even better, the local 99 cent store, and scoop up some cheap lighting. Try to stick with one color or one color theme and it doesn’t need to be red and pink. A true Casanova will decorate with groups of odd numbers of odorless candles in varying sizes. About three groups of three or five candles will do just the trick

A dinner date is easy enough on your cutlery because you only need to find two of each item that matches. Keep it simple: two matching plates, matching forks, matching wine glasses and if possible, two matching steak knives. If your table is more often used for Beer Pong than a formal dinner, don’t be too cheap to pick up a white, linen tablecloth at your trusty Wal-Mart along with your candles.

To Be Continued…

Allison Giaquinto


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