NBC-Bringing You Sex Perverts and War Criminals

I think it is safe to assume that we are all aware of NBC’s  controversial show To Catch A Predator. If not this is how it goes down: They trick sex predators into agreeing to sex with a pre-teen boy/girl and then when they show up to preform the act, they surprise them, humiliate them, and arrest them.

Emphasis on humiliation.

I’m not saying that these sexual perverts aren’t disgusting but the public humiliation involved with the show is cruel. NBC is currently working on a new show where they track down people who have committed terrible war crimes and expose them on TV. Really? We’re seriously providing an audience where a show like this is even a possibility?

The first man to be tracked down on TV was accused of helping kill people during the genocide in Rwanda. The man is a professor at an American college! When ambushed by “hostile” reporters and camera people, along with a prosecutor from Rwanda, Mr. Munyakazi said “I never participate in genocide. I saved a number of people.” Since when is NBC an authority on war crimes and where was I when we elected them to investigate these claims?

This is being done for shock value and is just meant to be the offspring of To Catch A Predator. If there was such irrefutable proof that this man was involved, why is NBC the medium through which we shall judge him? Show me the day that the media becomes as fair and unbiased as the court rooms and I’ll show you someone trying to pitch me a lie.

Ryan Evans


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