Valentine’s Day Done Right (Part 4)

Gifting You Potential Romance

If you would rather be-gift your Valentine, try and do what I consider a creative gift. These presents are most often seen best-made by women, but men can follow the trend just as easy. In creating a memorable gift, I try and pick a theme.

Let’s say you know for sure, that your date really digs a certain band. Most would simply pick up any new CD of said artist/band, but you can do the little extra and maybe do some research. Try and find a Greatest Hits or possibly a concert DVD. Scour the internet for any kind of cool memorabilia like a tee shirt or even a coffee mug. In essence, just try and make up a group of smaller, related presents for your sweetie.

I would advise to really let the internet do your work. It’s amazingly easy to find just about anything you could imagine. If your date likes a certain color, feel free to put that color to its own theme.

As another example, if you know your date likes the color blue and loves coffee, grab a blue coffee thermos, a Starbucks card, a blue coffee mug and saucer, put in some blue Extra gum for after coffee and finish your present with blue wrapping. The wrapping is just as important to this kind of constructed present as is the ingredients inside. When it comes to most girls, there isn’t too much of a good thing. Combine the things you know this person enjoys and buy them the little stuff they would probably not otherwise buy themselves.

Most importantly, keep in mind who you are giving this present to and why you are doing it. It’s not enough to buy anybody a present simply because you have to get them a present. If she likes sparkly, girly things, don’t be too ashamed to pick up those superfluous sparkly, curly ribbons sold all over the gift wrap aisle.

If you aren’t particularly too fond of mentally filing everything your Valentine has listed as a like or dislike, don’t be too worried. My boyfriend’s family has a guideline for every person for every birthday in the family. The giftee receives exactly one thing they can wear, read, eat, watch and listen to. They get quite creative with their own gift giving, but it is a good model to follow in building your own creative gift.

Allison Giaquinto


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