The cinema just got a lot more real. Movies I thought could only be fiction and fantasy are starting to take shape around me. We saw Arnold Schwarzenegger get cloned in The 6th Day and reality isn’t that far off what with scientists cloning sheep now. I was reminded yet again how our lives sometime mirror Hollywood when I saw The Daily Show with John Stewart.

There was a special done about the company iRobot, the same people who make those little automated vacuums called the Roomba. As it turns out, the US Army just granted iRobot $7.8 million to create “90 iRobot PackBot 510 with FasTac Kit robots and spare parts.” Say whaaaat? The same people who are giving you novelty floor cleaning devices are now building us our soldiers?

Does this sound like the setup to the Terminator to anyone else? iRobot = Skynet?

Not to mention that to have robots do our killing for us, some of which were already used in Afghanistan and Iraq, would dehumanize war even more and make it more twisted than it already is. Can you imagine if they had these killer robots in Darfur? Rwanda? Who knows what kind of a pandora’s box we might open with new militaristic developments in this field. This seems to me to be like the path best left not traveled.

John Stewart – Tuesday February 10, 2009.

Ryan Evans


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