Uncle Sam Wants You…And Anyone Else Who Wants To Be An American

militaryWe used to gripe and moan about them. There was even talk of building a physical wall to keep them out. Now we want them in our military. Now we are even willing to give them a fast tracked lane to citizenship. Who are they exactly?

Immigrants of course.

We’ve joked, bitched, ranted, passed laws, vetoed others, and generally gotten ourselves in a huge hubub over the U.S.’s immigration laws. But now the U.S. military is trying to recruit people who have in been in the U.S. a minimum of only 2 years to fill critical positions in language interpretation, field intelligence, and medical care.

I don’t personally have a problem with it but I feel like it’s kind of hypocritical. Under Bush, immigration was a key issue. I would’ve been shocked if someone mentioned this a year ago. If she/he were a politician they probably would’ve been ostracized by both parties. That being said, this might be just what the U.S. needs.

It’s been a long standing fact that the U.S. military isn’t a particularly culturally sensitive organization. Often times we’ve found our military at odds with…just about everyone. But with a more diverse demographic entering the military, we might be finding a military with more culture awareness. One that doesn’t just have intelligence on a region, but an understanding as well. At the very least it is plausible to suggest that we might start seeing cultural awareness as a higher priority on the military’s agenda.

Still, I can’t seem to shake a shadow that weighs on my mind when chewing this over. The events of September 11th are still fresh in my mind and the military is known to make the odd mistake or three. What if an “enemy of the state,” so to speak, were to infiltrate our military through this new program? What if we were to be taken apart from the inside? Whooaaa, slow down the paranoia train you say. No I don’t believe terrorists are going to sneak in and covertly take over the U.S. from the inside…all I’m saying is that it only takes one person in a position of even the smallest amount of measurable power and we could have a catastrophe on our hands.

I don’t believe this to be narrow minded or bigoted, but I believe the military’s purpose is to protect the citizens of the United States. Therefore I believe people should be protecting us for the love of their country, not because they’re being bribed to.

Ryan Evans


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