Squids In The Sky


You know those products you come across that make you think, damn, someone is gonna make a lot of money for probably the most obvious idea ever. Personally, I just don’t like umbrellas. I’ll admit I kinda think its slightly feminine; every time I think of one I remember Penelope Pitstop and the Compact Pussycat from the Wacky Races cartoon. However, I never thought I would own a “man-bag”. I now own 5, so I think anything is possible. Maybe Squid London can help break me. Going back to my opening statement, they made an umbrella out of a material that changes colour when it gets wet. There it is. That’s all there is to it. No rocket science or product design degrees required. They took a regular black umbrella, and on the edge a pseudo London skyline done in white colour changing fabric. As the fabric interacts with water different coloured patterns emerge allowing  your umbrella to personalise itself. Plus the colours are all bright and kinda psychedelic and I can dig that. They cost about $25, i dunno if that’s expensive; no idea what the umbrella market is like. Unfortunately they’re sold out.

ps. Where I come from “colour” is spelled with a ‘u’. I will never let it go.


Mikhail Budhai


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