The Luxury of Espresso

Until this summer I hated coffee. I always loved the idea of it though. There’s something so chic about it. So while I was in Europe over the summer I decided I would teach myself how to love it. I mean Italy is pretty much a perfect place to fall in love with espresso! And that’s exactly what happened. I started off with one, then two…by the time I left I was drinking about 9 espressos a day. It was great! I could tour the town all day and stay up partying all night. I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night and whenever I felt sleepy, I’d just drink another!
However, when I got back home I realized I had created a little problem for myself. I couldn’t just walk down the corner to a café anymore and order my liquid energy. Now I had to drive to Starbucks or some other coffee place. If it hadn’t been for our Nespresso machine at my house I think I would have gone into caffeine withdrawals.

My mom bought our Nespresso machine after falling in love with the one my aunt and uncle have at their beach house. And who wouldn’t fall in love with it? Nespresso has 12 premium blends of espresso. The blends come in coffee capsules and all you do is put one in the sleek-looking machine and you immediately have all your caffeine needs satisfied. As for me, I no longer need Italy to keep my espresso addiction going.

Mary Elizabeth Fair


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