Red Wing Inspired Boots


Red Wing boots are right up there with Carhartt when it comes to rugged and durable. Red Wing boots have actually become trendy the last few years, J. Crew even offers a pair of overpriced boots that “look vintage.” I have worn a pair of Red Wings for a long time, but for last two years I have had them stolen from me by my little brother.

New York’s winters are rather harsh and the fact that New York state deals so well with winter means that your shoes are going to be destroyed by salt. These boots are frankly, awesome. They fit great, they are light, and they will give you much needed traction. They feel more like sneakers than boots, and while most people grab them in brown, try a pair in this black above.

I bought the black and I have to say they give off this gentle navy hue that makes them even cooler. They will keep your feet warm and dry, they are definitely worth it.

Check them out here.

Osama Eisa


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