Fresh Kicks, Without The Neon Colours


Sneaker culture has undergone a serious evolution in the past 5 years. Generally existing in two realms, the psychedelic super techy sneakers; your Jordans, Shox, etc, and then the retro; Superstars, Dunks, Clyde. Sneakers never had any real envelope pushing boutique brands until recently. Before if you wanted a more mature looking boutique sneaker your only bet was Dior or Gucci. Lanvin flooded the market with styles you could only dream of. Gourmet, took old school Jordans and redid them in canvas and bright colours. Last year Supra’s Skytop became ubiquitous in all popular culture, from the skaters, to the hipsters, to the back packing hip hoppers. But the boutique brand that really saturated the market and pushed people to put down their Nike’s for something at a similar price point but more, fresh if you will, was Creative Recreation. Since then Clae, Alife, and Common Projects have also entered the fray but have pushed for more “grown up” sneakers at a typically more grown up price. Not to be out done I present the Creative Recreation “Made in Italy” line recently previewed at the Capsule Trade Show in Vegas. Rich materials, rich colours, for well, a rich look.



*Via – SEL

Mikhail Budhai


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