Liver What??—What about you?

The Infamous Liver Pudding

The Infamous Liver Pudding

Have you ever been watching TV and seen a food that you just couldn’t imagine yourself eating? Maybe in your travels you were exposed to something that you thought couldn’t possibly taste good…While we all have our breaking points, there are some foods that we couldn’t live with out regardless of what others think about them…For me, that food is Liver Pudding. I was raised on it and I honestly can’t tell you what got me into it other than my grandmother cooking it for breakfast.

Essentially, liver pudding is a mixture of pork livers,head parts, pork broth, corn and wheat meal, salt and spices, ground together and molded into a brick. You slice it, heat it a skillet and devour eat it. Personally, I like to eat it in sandwich form with a fried egg on top. I am 4/4 in the “getting friends to try it” department with only one of those said friends actually liking it. I think it’s in my top 3 things to eat behind Louie’s Texas Hots and BBQ Pork Shoulder.

With a distribution area limited to parts of N.Carolina, S.Carolina and Tennessee, it’s a rare treat that I get to partake in only a few times a year. Trust me, it’s worth the wait…

And since I know I am not the only one to experience this, I want to know what you, the readers, indulge in. What foods do you eat that others may think is weird strange, or just downright gross…Leave your comments here. Hell, let’s make it a contest! Myself and the other editors aka “Da Posse” will pick the strangest or most unique food and the winner will have the chance to blog about their food, right here at Eleven Magazine!!!

Get those entries in!!!

Alvin J.B Roberts, III


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