Menes Outdoor Cooking Table

Outdoor cooking table

Outdoor cooking table


I present to you the Menes Outdoor Cooking Table by Alpina. This cooking table is both sleek and functional and will provide a needed remedy to the summer heat that will attack kitchens as well as one’s desire to cook in them. The table is made for light cooking and easy entertaining. It’s designed to handle fondues, carpaccios, cheese plates, fruit and grilled vegetables. I really like this table and I only wish I could get it imported from Belgium. There is no price listed on the website but I can only assume that for the aesthetic value, let only quality of material and convenience , it’ll cost you a pretty penny. My personal appraisal of the table was found using this simple equation:

Menes Outdoor Cooking Table+ great ingredients+ great wine +great friends = A great Summer night (which is worth more than what you pay for the table)

Now, usually, pieces like this would be in Antonio’s realm but, after having it brought to my attention by my esteemed colleague  Eisa-san… I had to give my two cents.

Check it out here

Alvin J.B. Roberts, III


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