Once A Kid, Once Rich


Nerds grow up like everyone else. They become painfully nostalgic like everyone else with age. For those, during said nostalgia, whose wallet becomes white hot and must be removed from pocket I got something for you. Tic Tac Toe Naughts and Crosses, if you will. $295. Domino 5400M set, with leather bound dominoes. $10,920 (I incessantly salivate thinking about this one). All leather Chess/Checkers Picnic set. $720. Catchiest of all. Solid Chrome Rubik’s Cube with real leather inlays. $155. Ultimate Frisbee anyone? How about you keep your Brook Brothers suit on and play with these lovely leather upholstered felt lined “flying discs”. $305. If you need precious stones and finer materials with all that nostalgia they can do that for you too. I will now end this post with a resounding wtf.

large-21 small_2241

large-4 large-5

small_25 small_87

Mikhail Budhai


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