Tom Tom Club – Genuis Of Love

Dear 80’s, where did you go? Did Reagan piss you off? He meant well I swear. He was from the 60’s so he just couldn’t understand you. Either way he’s dead now, and everyone is still high. Did you know the people of the future love and miss you dearly? We, the people of the future, now live vicariously through youtube videos of you in your hey day and VH1 “i love the 80’s”. Even those of us who were still in the business of being conceived; you influenced us through osmosis while in our mother’s stomachs. Don’t worry, the 90’s ain’t got shit on you. We like her too, but you are the older woman we lust for. Your dances remain decidedly funky, your bass lines translate thus movement into love, and the style, oh the style. Beauty was truly to be beheld when you reigned supreme. 80’s just come back please, or we might start running out of shit to recycle. Neon never left, she misses you too.

ps. Is this video the precursor to So Me.

Mikhail Budhai


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