Biodynamically Delicious


Looks like we’re getting existential up in this b****. Biodynamic wines are becoming increasingly popular in our recession-laden time. The idea of biodynamic wine originated from a series of lectures given by 20th century philosopher Rudolf Steiner and basically means that the winemaker is looking at the land as a living organism.

The winemaker might attune harvesting times to match different phases of the moon or position of the planets. This may be a load of biodynamic fertilizer (think organic) but it does cause the winemaker to pay very close attention to his land and that cannot hurt.

I personally love the idea because it also means that the vineyard and winery are all green, not using pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Some biodynamic wineries don’t even filter out the sediment, which is not a bad thing by any means, and will even request that you buy the wine directly from them so they can explain why there’s a bunch of stuff floating around in your wine.

Even if all the stuff about lunar cycles and planets is just phewie, it at least makes the winemaker pay a critical eye to the welfare of the planet. And that is something we all need to start doing more.

Ryan Evans


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