Flying What-Now?


I watched the Jetsons as a kid. I mean, who didn’t? As much as I wished and hoped to have a flying car like George, I just that it was too far out of the realm of possibility. You see I was a realist as a kid. Well, that childlike realist just got a swift kick to the nuts when he stumbled upon this beautiful creation.


Terrafugia’s new flying  car can fly 450 miles at 115 mph. Once it lands it can transform itself back into a car in under 30 seconds. Low on fuel after your 450 mile journey? Stop at the gas station and fill that baby up with regular unleaded gasoline. I bet you get some nasty gas mileage on that thing.

Don’t worry about building a hangar in your backyard to store this thing either. It can fit in any standard garage. It’ll easily reach highway speeds on the road and uses front wheel drive. All you need is a Sport Pilot license and you’re set. Personally, I’d prefer the car/helicopter or car/submarine combination. Aptly named Transition, I feel that we can announce that the future is here…and it is glorious.


Terrafugia is latin for “escape from land.”

Ryan Evans


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