Perspectives- Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown

Alright Boys and Girls, It’s that time again. This week’s “Perspectives” will be brought to us by Ms. Kelly Brown of Masque Magazine

What beats have gotten the party started most recently? MGMT’s “Electric Feel” gets the party started for me. I could be having the worst day…when that song comes on I can’t help but get lifted. That and Theophilus London’s “This Charming Mixtape”. Dude is the craziest mix of house and Hip-Hop. Oh, and anything pumping from Kelis. It’s a shame how underrated she is…

Who has influenced your style? My grandmother has influenced my style heavily. Back in her hayday she used to be involved with Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach – she was always dressed to the nines. (Grandma’s vintage) x (My funk) = My style.

Is a mustache ever inappropriate? Yenno, not everyone can rock a mustache. But the ‘stache dynamic depends on a number of factors. The thicker the ‘stache, the cooler and wiser you are. The length also rests on this. The funk cannot be faked though – no one likes  phony face coiffure.  

What is your favorite pair of shoes? My favorite pair of shoes are these really worn pair of Converses that I snagged when I used to go to RIT. I had a lot of memories in those shoes. My mom actually attempted to throw them away once. I found them resting by the garbage and was so mortified and shocked, I quickly snatched them up and threw them in the washing machine…

Alright Kels, do you think fashion is important? Honestly (and I really do believe this), fashion is an extension of who you are. For me, it serves as another form of expressing my mood. From wearing a certain color to having to choose between a sweatshirt or a skirt, it helps me communicate to the world. It also serves as a great medium for creativity…if used correctly.

Are there any rules of fashion that you never break or choose to break? The only rule I follow is to not look like a fool.

What are your feelings on the man-bag? I’m a huge advocate for the Man Bag Coalition. Unless it’s bigger and better than mine…then it’s not so cool.

What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit? How they wear it. You can have on the most expensive and “trendiest” outfit, but if you are wearing it incorrectly it looks horrid. Conversely, someone could be wearing something not so new and what people think isn’t so great, but their attitude and confidence can literally carry their outfit. A good fit and personality are what I notice.

If you were running for President, what would your slogan be? A vote for me is a vote for Sexual Chocolate.

Would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet? Seeing as how I have a ‘fro, I’m going to go with the mullet. I would like to thank Sir Kanye West and Soul Glo for making this possible.


1 Response to “Perspectives- Kelly Brown”

  1. 1 Matt March 31, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Kelly is hilarious, lol. Good interview

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