Springtime Lovin’

Spring time is finally here (well, not exactly). Not only are buds blossoming, but that young lady you’ve been cozied up with all winter may become permanent. Something like a formal date is due, so here’s a couple ways to go about a picnic. I’m sure it will  impress your lady friend while capturing the essence of the new season:
Note: The dopest blanket you can find is essential for this date. See “Real Men Dig Picnics”

  • Breakfast Bungalow: Early riser? Try making it out for a breakfast picnic. A step up from your basic pancake/waffle stint, a crepe is a good direction to go. A thin pancake, if you will, crepes are very easy to prepare (they literally take about a minute to cook). Some prep is required the night before, but it’s worth it. Served hot or cold, crepes can be filled with absolutely anything. Pair this with some fresh fruit and some mimosas (OJ if she’s not into morning bubbly) and you’re set. Sneak in an opportunity to embrace while enjoying the crisp morning air.
  • Buddy Brigade: Depending on your situation, your crew may or may not be familiar with your gal. If they are, all the better. You all can catch up and grab a bite to eat. If not, some lunchtime shits-n-giggles would be fitting. This will give everyone a chance to know one another, while keeping things casual. Either way, she’s bound to have a good time. The awkwardness that can possibly arise when flying solo on a date can also be avoided in this situation.
  • Bedtime Brew: Too busy during the day? My favorite of the three, a night-time picnic, is a great option. Head out to the most romantic little spot you can find – a small nook nestled among the trees, somewhere overlooking water, a gazebo if you’re really lucky. To make sure you guys can actually see one another, I suggest some LED candles (safety first!). Bring along some wine (or beers…or soda…or whiskey. shit, whatever you’re into) and your game face for this one. If she’s a free-spirit, nothing will be more fun than a game of Ultimate with a glow in the dark frisbee. Sky’s the limit with this date!
Now I can only give these three – the rest are up to you. But take heed, my friends, and she’ll be with you in no time…
Kelly Brown


1 Response to “Springtime Lovin’”

  1. 1 Edek March 31, 2009 at 12:29 am

    might just use the Bedtime brew… interesting post, can’t wait to see the rest

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