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Wm. J. Mills & Co Flight Bag


Summer is come up and you’re going to need a bag that isn’t some hot leather pressure cooker. If you love NPR you’re probably going to have a canvas tote bag, J. Mills and Co offer the Flight Bag. At around $80 and with a lifetime guarantee, you really can’t complain.
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The First 100 Days, in pictures


I’m the political guy of the magazine and since everyone has been talking about Obama’s first 100 Days as if Armageddon could have happened under his watch, I guess we have to say something about it. The White House House has just released 300 images from Obama’s first 100 days, they are really worth a look.
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Our next party of the month. At Tapas, located at 177 St.Paul Street in Rochester, NY.

Music and photos provided by Eleven Magazine.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Plays Himself


Jean-Claude Van Damme used to be the boss. Not just kinda the boss, like the Boss. I think it all went down-hill after he played Guile in that terrible excuse of a Street Fighter movie. I guess redemption means you have to play yourself in a movie.
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Nathaniel Goldberg


Photographer Nathaniel Goldberg for GQ recreating the 60’s Italian Chic asethetic. This is classic.

Music Vest


Antonio Aresco

Tudor Watches


Graduation time is coming up for many people and I am not sure if this is your tradition, but many times the graduation gift is a watch. I’m not talking about some sort of Casio (I love you G-shock) but a true man’s watch.
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