April Fool’s Joke from Infiniti


You see this car? It looks beautiful doesn’t it? It just isn’t fair that something that nice isn’t allowed to be produced. In what is a long line of prototypes that everyone would love to buy, Infiniti officially announces that they will not even attempt to bring this car into production. It’s a shame. I guess this is Infiniti’s idea of an April Fool’s joke. Notice, we’re not laughing.
09-infiniti-essence-press-494x742 08-infiniti-essence-press-494x328 06-infiniti-essence-press-494x328



1 Response to “April Fool’s Joke from Infiniti”

  1. 1 Pat Cartelli April 2, 2009 at 1:51 am

    April Fools? Hardly! Sure its disappointing that this specific car (Infiniti essence ) will not be produced as is, but it was announced as a concept at Geneva.

    Concepts are typically showcases for new designs and technology. I guess there’s ‘nothing’ to laugh about, but I wouldn’t be so disappointed. They wont ‘attempt’ THIS car, but you can be sure future cars from Infiniti will use this one for styling cues.

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