Saville Row’s Price Cut


An article out of the New York Times has highlighted the plight of the English tailor. The recession, coupled with an ever-strengthening dollar, has led to prices falling for their customers from across the pond.

Now, they haven’t lowered their asking prices in pounds, but since your George Washingtons will be worth more over there this would be the time to get a bespoke suit if you were ever thinking of dropping that kind of money. For example, Stuart Lamprell, whose suits used to sell for $4,400 are now going for $3,100.

The tailors realize this isn’t a bargain, and they are not exactly going to try and market themselves that way. However, if you are the kind of guy who throws down over $1,000 on a Hickey Freeman you might as well put more money down on a suit that is custom-made for you rather than have a stiff and boxy suit you’re stuck with. Don’t look at it as three times the price, look at it as the money you put down and you won’t have to spend again for years.

The key here is not spending money, rather, it’s not wasting it.

Osama Eisa


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