Must See City


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark lies in the heart of Scandinavia. A place once inhabited by Vikings and fisherman, is now populated by fashionistas and bicyclists. Literally after stepping off the plane for the first time I was impressed on how well dressed everyone was. I immediately decided that everything in my suitcase was complete and total crap and went shopping ASAP. Copenhagen is in the late teens on the fashion capital list last I checked. This completely shocks me because I could swear that everyone here has a personal stylist, is absolutely stunning, and there is no such thing as a bad hair day.

This nautical capital city has canals running throughout, and colorful buildings that date back over 600 years. Danes are somewhat reserved, but warm and friendly when spoken to. I was speaking to a woman on the bus the other day and she summed up the people of Denmark perfectly, “Work is work, and schnapps is schnapps”. They are extremely responsible and organized, rely very much on advanced planning and are always on time. Danish is the main language, but most, if not all Danes speak English to perfection. Biking is the main way of transport, which is why Copenhagen is ‘Biking city of the world’. It adds to the charm of this enchanting city that I now call home. Now come and have a picnic and sip white wine in front of Rosenberg castle, watch the changing of the guards in front of the Queen Margrethe‘s Palace, or get a tan and have a picnic at Nyhavn or Fælledparken. Look forward to seeing you!


Jessica Granato


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