Perspectives, Jessica Granato


Hey all. My name is Jessica. I am from small city called Auburn, New York. Yup, it’s as boring as it sounds. A former resident of Rochester “the ROC,” New York for the last 2 years, currently now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yeah, sort of random huh? Here I live, work and play (mostly play). Moving to Europe has literally changed my life. I am utterly obsessed with this continent. Beautiful people, good wine, art, culture, 35 hour work weeks – did I mention I was obsessed? I am an intern here with a fashion company, CPH Vision. CPH Vision puts on fashion fairs and shows in February and August for brands, buyers, and other people in the fashion industry. I am unfortunately leaving in August – and I know I will leave a part of my heart here when I go. On the brighter side though, I will be moving to NYC and live the fabulous life, while I finish up school (by 2011- hopefully).

I am here to entertain, enlighten, and annoy all of you (insert evil laugh here). I will be making my guest star appearances now and then, filling you in on all of the randomness that is taking place to the east of you, as well as other new and interesting things that come to mind. Læse og nyde!

1. What’s one of your favorite tunes right now?
’Nothing to Worry About’- Peter Bjorn & John

2. Who has influenced your style?
My mom for sure. But, now my style has evolved into my own.

3. Is a mustache ever inappropriate?
Upper lip pubs are never sexy. Although Jake Gyllenhaal-style scruff is hoottttt. Meow

4. What is your favorite pair of shoes?
Oh, my Jimmy Choo’s of course! Okay, okay so I don’t actually own this beautiful piece of footwear, but I’m seriously considering on selling my laptop/iPod/soul for these shoes. My favorite that I actually do own are some no-name (the brand name rubbed off a long time ago) suede black boots. Yeah so what that they have a hole in them and should have been thrown out a long time ago. But, there are many more good miles left in those things!

5. Do you think fashion is important?
Fashion isn’t important. Style is. I don’t believe in following trends just because its cool at the moment. Your personal style should reflect the person that you are. And that means everything.

6. Are there any rules of fashion that you never break or choose to break?
Breaking rules is what makes fashion! Following rules is so boring. Live a little. But, still with all that said- I must say matching denim, crocs and muffin tops make me want to die a little bit.

7. What are your feelings on the man-bag?
Ohhh the man-bag. It’s not too often that you see the man-bag being pulled off, but no worries to all you metro-sexuals out there- it is possible. It just can’t be too pretty. Throw it around a little bit, drive a car over it. Whatever you have to do to give it the ‘I AM MAN. HERE ME ROAR’ look- then it’s okay in my book.

8. What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
SHOES!! And do they have those in my size??

9. If you were running for President, what would your slogan be?
“Hey World, lets all just have a beer together.”

10. Would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet?
A mullet definitely. Business in the front, party in the back. The best of both worlds.

*Photo courtesy of Aaron78

Jessica Granato


1 Response to “Perspectives, Jessica Granato”

  1. 1 Jenn April 9, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Hey cuz! great work hope to read more from you!

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