The Indiana Jones Bag For Everyman


All too often do we forget that the best is sometimes the simplest. Fossil is a brand that should be familiar to many of us, yet it goes undetected way too often. So, in my search for a new messenger bag I stumbled across the Fossil website. Check out their leather duffle and messenger bags, simple design and quality leather for a price that should fit an entry-level budget. Fossil offers a choice between full leather or a leather/canvas mix for that Indiana Jones whiplashing feeling, but don’t be surprised that these bags, unlike many fashion items, are actually quite functional. You will also find that their color combination is a universal match with nearly every outfit. Their light brown color combination will definitely be a looker for this summer. So on your next trip, before you go out searching for luminescent skulls or decide that a roller coaster ride in a carbon mine is a good idea, stop by the Fossil website an get a bag that can carry your adventure gear. 


Elliott Ebrahimi


1 Response to “The Indiana Jones Bag For Everyman”

  1. 1 chad April 9, 2009 at 10:53 am

    I just invested in a briefcase by Jack Georges. They have a very nice line of classic bags from briefcases to duffels to messengers. Not $, but not $$$$. Leather is supple, handmade in USA, and lifetime warranty… go invest in one of these!

    I bought this one:

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