Nice Watches make nice people


Harry Winston is not a name we are all familiar with, so google it. In case you are too lazy, Harry Winston is a watchmaker. Winston just released a new model called the Opus 9. None of us here at Eleven can afford it, but we would certainly like to think that one day we will be like Scrooge McDuck diving into our money filled house. We will own 50 cars which we will never drive and a $180,000 watch will be something we paid for with pocket change. However, back to reality, the Opus 9 is quite the fancy watch, diamonds and all, but unlike the usual men’s watches with obnoxious bling diamonds, those are actually integrated as the number dial in a continuous chain form.

Even though the Winston watch looks a little busy at first, it carries a simple design as a watch that can pass as both a collector’s item and an evening watch for the man who is not obvious about his flashiness. This watch will pass the same way bright red socks pass with a formal suit. You wont see them, but they are there and if you look carefully you just might see a little treasure everyone else will have overlooked. So, if you are one of the lucky 100 people to have ordered an Opus 9, send us some pictures to add to our drool collection.

Elliott Ebrahimi


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