Big just isn’t enough


Here at eleven we all carry around our imaginary drool collection in our heads, recently we’ve brought you the Bugatti Type 57 SC owned by Ralph Lauren and shown you various watches and other memorabilia which we can only dream off. Today, were adding the latest collection to our drool list, quite frankly it is a beast and with a name like Stirling Moss you don’t want to know anything else. Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate badass of the badasseries, the McLaren SLR Stirling Moss.

This beast of cars combines an awkward combination of supercar and roadster, yet the men and women and McLaren have crafted a true beauty. One which you can look at in your garage for hours because driving it would mean wasting tires, it would mean that bugs will splatter on the precious paint, that piston heads will create friction and wear off.

However, if none of this matters to you, we at eleven strongly suggest to go to your Mercedes dealer, get yourself one, go to the tire dealer buy yourself a few trains of tires and take that beast to the track to burn rubber to monster sound of McLaren’s 5.5 liter V8. At and astounding 650 supercharged stallions this beast will make your toupee fly away in right under 3.5 seconds and will make you wish you had diapers on at 350 km/h (217 mph). At a humble $916 . 000, only 75 owners will be proud to say I own a Stirling Moss. So once again, if you are or know anyone of these lucky people, send some love our way.

Elliott Ebrahimi


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