Watches For Spring


I prefer watches that have leather straps. They might look great, but they are terrible in the heat. If you like watches but have all ready spent your money on a non-heat friendly watch, there are stylish and affordable options…

The watch above is a Lorus, a company owned by Seiko. At around $40, it is completely titanium and water resistant for 100m. It also has a calender.

What is more useful about the Lorus is that it has a clean design, and even better, you can switch up your strap of the watch to bring fresh looks to your outfits over the summer. Green nylon straps can be cool, but check out British military straps:
These are just a sample of what you can find. There are even websites where you can design your own custom-made straps. The ones above are about $11 each. You can check them out here.

Of course, you may want a watch that looks a little more elegant, without having to spend over $1000. Check out Riedenschild watches. They are fully automatic, meaning no battery plus are Swiss-made. At around $290, you really can’t beat the level of quality-to-price ratio here. The Riedenschild Blue Pearl is my personal favorite, pictured below:
Osama Eisa


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