Fire ’em up

Here at Eleven Mansion we’ve broken out the grill for the first weekend we can call spring. Even though our grilling attempts will be interrupted by rain and clouds we thought it would be wise to instruct our readers to what they should do if they do not own a grill and have no clue how to turn meat. So, go and get yourself a grill, some charcoal or propane, some good meat and light a fire. 

Here are our grills of the year. 

We start off with a simple, humble grill by the name of KitchenAid KFRU488TSS. The name says it all. At a mere $4,200 this will be your entry class luxury gas grill. If you have just recently moved to the suburbs and drive a lexus, then this 48 inches of grill is for you. 



Our next contestant goes by the name of Alfresco LX2. It is a wee bit smaller than the KitchenAid yet it boasts an integrated rotisserie and lighting to show off to your friends your amazing grilling skills. For this mamma you will burn $6,600. 



Next up is the Lynx L54PSFR-1LP. This grill is actually a professional series grill. So if you like bling and own a white on white car then this 54 inch monster will certainly be your garden jewel. At 1,500 square inches of searing space you can definitely throw some buns at that mama. This one will please you at $8.100. 



Next we have a more stylish grill if you will, build around a minifridge and with wallnut accents this grill will surely be a favourite for this season. With 5 burners and 80,000 BTUs this grill will certainly make your friends want to come over, even though you are not very popular (also  a potential chick magnet for the girls who like gardening, you never know). At a mere $10,300 the Crown Verity IG-36 Island Grill is the SL (Mercedes SL that is) of grills. 



This next one is said to be able to preheat in under three minutes, and that it actually gave birth to Chuck Norris. At a 1,207 square inches of dual sided, integrated fridge, kebab roasting, lighthning flaming power the Solaire 56″ InfraVection Refrigerated Cart Grill will probably be able to do things you wouldn’t have immagined…perhaps even naughty things ???

This baby will run you $14,500. 



And now ladies and gentelmen (drum roll) here is our number one runner up. 

The Frontgate Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite is the Bentley of all grills. This mammoth of  a grill will set you back $37,000, but who cares, its big. Its big enough to roast a whole cow on it without even gutting it and it will spit it out done with fries and ketchup with two fresh burger buns. It is a kitchen with a grill, it seriously has everything, from a cutting board place to a sink to a heating station to a fridge and even a bar place. It is so enormous that you will probably have to get rid of your garage, or a big part of your garden. In any case, this beast will probably will make you a hot chocolate and wipe your bum, however even tough it is our Numero Uno for this years grills we still think it is completely useless, you probably will not be even able to find something like this in Dubai. So, to whoever does own one, we would certainly love to come over for burgers and hot dogs, but seriously… its a grill. 



Elliott Ebrahimi


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