Perspectives, Bryan Ricci


It’s been quite some time since our last guest blogger, but what can we say… we’re busy in little ol’ Rochester, NY! With a big festival held at our university on May 2nd and a print date looming over us, we’ve been cranking out the goodies. Keep your eyes open for some exciting updates in the near future, including a clean blog redesign. For the time being, let’s take a moment to talk with Bryan Ricci, this week’s guest blogger and see what makes his gears turn.

11: What’s at the top of your playlist recently Bryan?
Bryan: Well, I’m currently listening to I’m Back by Mylo. I guess I would classify it as electro/jazz fusion with some scrumptious bass. There is no official release of the song yet, just a radio recording from Annie Mac’s BBCradio1 show.

11: Scrumptious bass indeed, I’m a Mylo fan myself, always gets the head bumping! How about your sense of style, any major influences when it comes to your daily arrangements?
B: I would say that I manifest my sense of style from the people and things that I affiliate with. Clearly different styles resonate from different cultures, my style being a mixture of such.

11: Would you say that the styles resonating from the culture you’re immersed in demand you to rock a mustache!? I’m hoping so. What are your thoughts on the mustache, is it ever inappropriate?
B: Oh it depends on how realistic the mustache is. And is this question gender specific? Because that would dramatically change the direction of my answer.

11: Aww come on man, you don’t dig chicks with upper lip hair? That’s the mark of a real woman. Alright, forget mustaches, what’s your favorite pair of kicks?
B: My favorite pair of shoes has to be my old es skating shoes. You could say they are unfashionable, but they are a longtime favorite of mine.

11: I would say that comfort is a very strong characteristic of fashion, no shame there. Would you say fashion is important?
B: Fashion is certainly important, being the first thing noticed when meeting someone. Impressions are everything and fashion is the most direct way to express your personality.

11: Which rules of fashion do you break and which do you never break?
B: Well I try my best to dress the occasion, but I have a knack of leaving the house with some apparel that doesn’t necessarily match.

11: Mmm okay, even more important, what are your thoughts on man-bags?
B: If it looks good and you like your man-bag, I have got nothing against it.

11: In the instance that your view isn’t obstructed by a man-bag, what is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
B: The first thing I always seem to notice is if something doesn’t fit. Some clothes just need to stay at the bottom of the dresser.

11: Amen. Keep those fanny packs hidden folks! That’d be my presidential slogan, with a few witty tweaks. Well that or, “We’re going streaking in the quad!” Weird. What would yours be?
B: The only thing I can think of right now, “1, 2, woop woop.” Ahh, I can’t get it out of my head!

11: The final question of this enlightening interview comes in the form of epic hair-dos. Would you rather have a Mullet or a Jerry-Curl?
B: I definitely lack the ability to rock a Jheri Curl. It would be like A. C. Slater without the muscles or what I’ll call the “babe effect”. So mullet it is.

11: Ahh it’s a Jh! I’m going to remember that the next time I play Scrabble. I’m really thinking the Mullet is taking an unhealthy lead over the Jheri Curl, and it scares me. Bryan, thanks so much for taking a moment to talk with us and share your insights. We anxiously anticipate your week long support.


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