Diversity of Style, New York


There is this sense in the fashion world that your friends have to mirror your personal style. Personally, I think it sounds like we should all be in gangs like The Warriors. Being around people who are not like you, whether that is in thought, dress, or culture, is actually good for you. Surrounding yourself around people who are centered upon non-conformity tends to foster people who actually, conform quite a lot.

When you are around those that are unlike you, it is my belief, that you get to understand your true self, because you are forced into a proper examination of what you truly like, dislike, value, and believe. This shot is from New York, whether New York is a city that really does encourage the individual to reach a level of acute personal understanding is debatable, but I wonder what you think.

Do you need to be outside of your comfort zone in order to truly understand yourself? Or is being around like-minded people engage people better? Different strokes for different folks? What do people need to blossom into themselves?

Osama Eisa


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