Brooks Brothers Suede Captoe


When it comes to the proper shoes for summer, when you have to dress up, the usual thing you’ll hear are pretty over-done: loafers, drivers, or white bucks. Those are all good and nice, but when you want to bring together something for a more sleek look, say more Italian than prepster, dress shoes in suede tend to do the trick.

Brooks Brothers has a shoe company that they bought years ago called Peal & Co. They make bench-made (that means they’ll last a lot longer then other shoes) and they are made in England. These are quality shoes, and they normally retail in the $400-500 range. The pair above are actually 50% off, and at around $200 that is a great value for what you’re buying.

The key to buying a shoe, whether it is this shoe or not, is to ask yourself “Am I going to really use this?” Because frankly, if you don’t plan on really using a shoe like this, maybe once or twice a year, I’d say move on. However, you can use suede (being very careful of weather conditions) in both the colder seasons as well.

The thing is when you talk to people who really immerse themselves in fashion, they are actually quite practical. The things they use the most, they tend to spend the most money on, because it matters the most. That’s how you should approach any purchase, especially when it comes to professional clothing. Though, if you’re like me, and a huge dork and wear suits for fun, then these might be just the shoe for you anyways.

You can check these out here.

Osama Eisa


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