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Grazie Il Capitano!


Today we say good-bye to a great champion: Paolo Maldini. He is a few days short of his 41st birthday and has played better than most players at their peaks. He is a class act, a true example for young sportsmen everywhere.

His career has been longer than my life, and I have cheered him on for most of my life and I will miss being able to in the future.

His father was Milan’s Captain, he has been Milan’s Captain, and apparently his son is quite the player himself, so here’s to hoping we get to see another Maldini wear red and black.

Thank you Paolo.

Osama Eisa



“The etymology of the name Bluetooth can be reported here. It comes from a tenth century Scandinavian king, Harald Bluetooth, who managed to unite several unruly kingdoms. Thus, Bluetooth is a reference to the taming of a myriad of unruly competing standards by defining one world-wide specification.”

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Double-Breasted in Grey


Just came back from the thrift store, where the selection was impeccable, but nothing fit me. There were all sorts of Allen Edmonds, Bally’s, and other great shoes that all fit me wrong.

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Breakin’ Bonez

Cool video featuring a break dancing skeleton…song is pretty catchy too

Alvin Roberts

Lady Ludwig van Gaga

I never realized that Lady Gaga had such pipes and bodacious piano skills. Really not feeling that Matador hat she’s wearing however.

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Ryan Haigh



So you think your family portrait is weird? Perhaps you think everyone else in your family looks great in the photo, except you. The team at Awkward Family Photos wants to make sure that you feel better about yourself.

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Common Projects + Moscot Eyewear


Common Projects are a well known name on this blog and many others; lauded for their minimalist design and expert craftsmanship, the Italian brand has decided to go into the sun glass game with this latest collaboration with little-known Moscot Eyewear. Moscot, founded in 1915 have a long history and pedigree, based out of New York they teamed up with the Common Projects squad to produce these minimal sunglasses.

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