Eleven at Imagine RIT Festival


For all of our friends in the Rochester, NY area, please join us at the Rochester Institute of Technology tomorrow (Saturday, May 2nd) to celebrate the Innovation Festival. The day long festival begins at 10am and will be littered with an eclectic handful of students, showcasing their brains and brawn. We hope that you’ll take a moment to stop by the Wallace Library, where our booth will be located.

On top of that, we hope all of our viewers will enjoy our nice, new blog redesign. With the help of Pat Cartelli we were able to get things together just in time.

We will also be enjoying the support of guest blogger Adam Contreras from Zuriick sneakers this coming week as well as photos from tomorrow’s event. Keep your eyes peeled!


6 Responses to “Eleven at Imagine RIT Festival”

  1. 1 question May 2, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Are you guys ever going to actually make a magazine or is this just going to keep being a bunch of guys who link to shit on the internet and then call themselves magazine editors? I was under the impression you were actually going to make a real magazine for Imagine RIT. You know like with real pages and design you did and articles you wrote and photos you took. Not so much stuff you just found on other people’s blogs and then was like “hey i’ll copy this and then call it a magazine.”

    And by blog redesign do you just mean you downloaded and then uploaded someone elses template?

  2. 2 Eleven May 2, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Ya know what, I’ve decided not to delete this non-constructive comment for one reason… a lot of people have been making the same assumption. Doubt you will read this response, nor will others, but I believe the delivery of this reply serves major importance.

    We actually DO write our own articles and take our own photos (which will be featured at the Imagine RIT event). However, the difficulty of balancing schoolwork and “grown-up” work (I graduated last year and I’m working at an Ad Agency) has created some snags along the way.

    As for our reiteration of things found on the internet, that’s a more than regular occurrence on all blogs, not just ours. Take the blog ffffound.com for example, which is a blog that only relies on taking work from blogs/websites across the world wide web. We do not call ourselves a magazine solely for our online posts and this blog, we have called ourselves a magazine because we will create one and we have the work to back it up.

    The blog redesign was in fact a redesign, editing CSS through a layout I’ve created, but limited to the constraints of a template. Just a matter of purchasing a web host to achieve the full potential of the new layout.

    I understand why we get so many messages such as the one you left; we have said time and time again that we will be releasing a magazine. But, surely anyone can understand that directing one person is a lot of work, much less eight, on top of life’s activities.

    So there you have it. Against my better judgement I have answered to your accusations and defended a piece of work that I have put considerable amounts of time on. I’m sure your comment made you feel a bit “bigger,” and let me tell you, you’ve really showed us. I’ll be sure to reassess my life goals upon your reaction to our work.


  3. 3 For Mr.Question May 3, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    You got pwned.

  4. 4 Ok but May 3, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    I just think it’s dishonest when you guys actually claim to be editor-in-chief of a magazine that doesn’t actually exist. that’s lame. you wouldn’t want to lie on your resume about something like that you know… it’s fraud.

  5. 5 Perturbed May 4, 2009 at 12:17 am

    Ok But,

    I’m a bit sleep deprived. You see, it’s been many weeks since the last time I’ve received adequate amounts of sleep, solely due to the fact that I lay awake at nights, stare at the ceiling, and think of all the people that hate on us. On top of that all, these bags under my eyes are beginning to look hideous!

    Bite your tongue, summer shall begin to muzzle all negativity directed towards us. There are currently 75,000 views on this blog that disagree with you.


  6. 6 Osama May 4, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Ok but,

    No one here is claiming to be an Editor-in-Chief except myself, therefore I’d appreciate it if you’d leave my staff alone. They have talent and have put in countless hours of work for a project that they receive no compensation from. They are no frauds, all of them are doing work in their respective fields and doing so with distinct excellence.

    I have no artist talent, nor have I ever claimed to have any. I do not design, photograph, or illustrate any of the pages of this magazine or the blog. I do not claim to either.

    As an Editor-in-Chief my job is to organize, edit content, manage, and finalize a magazine. As far as that job title goes, I have yet to complete my job.

    This blog is not the magazine. This blog is a blog. Does it make much sense to make a magazine without readers knowing who you are? Where you stand? What styles you like? What food you eat? What opinions you might have?

    The answer is no. The blog is our tool to communicate with our readers, we do not use the magazine because it is unfinished and subsequently undistributed–obviously–though articles and artwork for our magazine have emerged from discussions we’ve had on this blog.

    The blog is how people get to know who we are, because we do not claim to be the gospel on style. It is also the way that we tailor our physical magazine to the feedback of what we have covered on this blog. We are simply a few men, who enjoy our various fields and hobbies and want to share that view in a hope to bring people of various backgrounds together.

    The blog is not the magazine. I repeat this because it seems that there is mass confusion on who we are. We are creating a magazine, it is yet to be completed. This blog that you read is not the magazine itself, it is but a reflection of the staff members of the magazine.

    If you do not understand that, then I am sorry. You could stop hiding behind an IP blocker, perhaps email me (you obviously know me personally) and maybe we could put to rest your obvious concerns about us being “frauds.”

    Perhaps if you came to our Imagine RIT booth, you would have seen the magazine layouts we have, the photos we have taken, and the articles we have produced. Throughout this blog, we have original pieces as well, not all, but that is not something we hide.

    You can read an interview with my grandmother, see photography from Eric White, insight from our guest bloggers, views on style from Mikhail Budhai, plus much more.

    The annoying part is that when we take from another place, we cite that source, and do not copy their ideas, usually we apply our own opinion, our view on the item, the photo, the piece of news. Our take on something that the public interacts with. That is very definition of a blog.

    However, I will be more than happy to take that sort of criticism. That we are somehow “unoriginal,” because that means you do not know what the fuck you are talking about. This is not our magazine, again, this is our blog. Why a blog? So people know what we are looking at, thinking about, so that they can judge whether they would want to read a magazine with our thoughts, photographs, and design.

    I will not allow you, or anyone else for that matter, to level hatred, false claims, lies, or abuse at any of my staffers because they do not warrant such treatment. They have put themselves about brilliantly, and I am truly blessed to have the honor of calling them my colleagues.

    The magazine, we hope, will be completed by the summer. It will have pages, design and photography that is completely original. This blog has very little to do with our magazine, content wise. It is the way that we can expand our audience from the friends we have, to a larger global one: that is the beauty of this blog thing.

    In sum, I welcome your input and your ideas. I do not appreciate your cowardly methodologies, nor your misguided bile. If there is any more confusion, please do not hesitate to contact us in ways that would classify you as an adult.

    Best Regards,

    Osama Eisa

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