The American Car

Lately it has been brought to my attention that Americans like American cars, who would have known. Even though American cars are certainly not the best in all departments they certainly are those you turn to if you need a functional vehicle. I have yet to see a BMW pick up truck. *hint hint BMW ??*

So, as I was browsing the web for big unnecessary things I stumbled across this non -necessity. A Ford pick up truck. To be precise the For F-650, it is based on a platform of the Queen Mary I Ship and has the 7 litre engine of a UFO. Furthermore it is purely powered by freedom and does not waste any gas, in case the 45 gallon tank of freedom is too small for you, you can request a secondary 130 gallon tank for an average mileage of 600 feet per tank.

This truck however represents more than being a functional working truck. It is enormous, obnoxious and thus bound to be tuned and as such this is the ultimate American truck. Forget your Hummers, your Tahoes or Escalades, this is the truck you want to pull up in front of the club or simply take the kids to school with.

Also, check out F560 pickups for a detailed list of F-650 and their amazing skills to conquer Mordor.

Elliott Ebrahimi


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