Perspectives, Zuriick Sneakers



Our guest blogger this week is Zuriick sneakers and multiple members of the company. Several members of the Eleven staff wear Zuriick, who produce both understated and rambunctious styles for the sneaker enthusiast. We interviewed Michael McCaleb of Zuriick so that you could get a feel of where he was coming from.

11: What are you listening to right now?
Michael: Graveyard and big business.

11: Big Business are a pretty intense band, “Grounds For Divorce” is a song of theirs I actually like. Music is always important to people, but, who has influenced your personal style?
Michael: The mongols.

11: Whoa, Mongols like the Golden Horde that conquered the world? Or Mongols as in the Biker gang from Colorado? Either way, pretty bad ass. Directly related to Mongols (either one), the question I have to ask is “Is a mustache ever inappropriate?”
Michael: Only if you have one to complete your hipster attire.

11: True, true, authenticity is key to rocking the proper mustache. As someone who produces shoes, what are your favorite pair of shoes?
Michael: Cabane de zucca boots.

11: Those are some beautiful boots, but since we’re on the subject of fashion, do you believe fashion is important?
Michael: Not real important but it’s a nice hobby.

11: What rules of fashion do you never break and which do you break?
Michael: N/A

11: No rules, just right. Er. Nevermind. Man-bags seem to be everywhere, including our magazine, we just have to ask, what are your thoughts on man-bags?
Michael: Pretty lame but someone has to buy them.

11: I guess we’re those kind of suckers. What’s the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
Michael: Their jeans.

11: I wonder whose jeans you’d like among our staff? Speaking of groups of people, if you were trying to appeal to people, as a Presidential candidate, what would your slogan be?
Michael: Respect the cock.

11: It seems the public’s opinion means little to your campaign, which is fine, because a President has to do what a President has to do. Therefore, we must ask, would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet?
Michael: Alopecia.

11: So there you have it, Michael McCaleb of Zuriick sneakers. We will be featuring blog posts from Zuriick during the entire week, and make sure to check out the Zuriick blog and line here.


2 Responses to “Perspectives, Zuriick Sneakers”

  1. 1 Matt May 5, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    These are dope as hell…
    I’m feelin the new blog look fellas. it’s so airy and lightweight!

  2. 2 Roberto May 5, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    totally agree with you Matt!

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