As an aspiring industrial designer the field is at the same time monotonous and saturated as it is fresh and innovative. To follow up on my last post and love for synthetic super materials, the minds over at Teenage Engineering have another simple, cheap and innovative design that seems like an almost no-brainer. Begun in 2007, the inspiration was simple “The basic idea behind this project was to design and engineer a low-cost do-it-yourself Turntable kit made out of high density styrofoam…. The design is straightforward with same measurements as an LP cover and the turntable base has the natural color of white styrofoam. The arm is CNC:d out of orange styrofoam.” The result is, for lack of a better word, beautiful, if a little BrionVega, but that can’t hurt anyone. Unless you got something against the 60’s which is unhealthy I feel because next to the 80’s, the 60’s were the bees knees.


Mikhail Budhai

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