Perspectives, Joshua Tetreault


While we’re still basking in the good vibes that were last week (crazy amounts of traffic, thanks to Zuriick and all of our viewers!), we’re going to continue this goodness with one of the illest young designers on the west coast. We’re very excited to have Joshua Tetreault joining us this week, with the support of his design prowess. You can peek his portfolio here, but be sure to check out our interview with Josh after the jump…

11: Josh, what tunes have your head bopping as of late?
Josh: Terrance Mckenna’s “Culture is Your Operating System” and Why? (Oakland, CA) song: By Torpedo, or Chron’s album- Alopecia

11: Ooo diggin’ the tunes man! Aside from your musical influences, who has influenced your sense of style?
J: Everyone from Bob Dylan, Fred Astaire, Chuck Berry, Rick Danko (the basement tapes cover), Early Fred SavageJennifer Connelly and 50s Marty Seamus McFly.

11: Mr. Tetreault, that was probably the most encompassing answer imaginable. Well done sir. Images and everything, jeez! Alright, one of my favorite questions… is a mustache ever inappropriate?
J: A mustache in my opinion, is inappropriate when she’s got more dude on her upper lip than you do.

11: Yeahhh, that’s just gross. Horrifying mental images aside, what is your favorite pair of kicks?
J: Yes. Nike Lunar Racers– The most comfortable, lightest shoe I’ve ever worn. A lady friend told me about them — she was working at Nike at the time and heard about how they were made and got ’em for me… what a generous gal! They are beautifully designed, aesthetically, functionality, and stream line comfort ability. Usually those words aren’t found in the same sentence…

11: Those look pretty fierce. Betcha could challenge a cheetah with those beasts. I was a big fan of the Nike’s with the rubber elastic material, sans shoelaces way back in early high school. Felt like wearing an extra layer of comfy socks. So, we’ve addressed the feet, now how about the rest of your ensemble? Do you believe fashion is important?
J: Fashion is as important as you make it. 1 2 3

11: Which rules of fashion do you break, and which do you never break?
J: No Rules except wearing your birthday suit during your birthday on DMT (dislocation of reality), unless its a surprise birthday party, then anything goes.

11: I threw up a little bit after watching that video. Is that normal? Comparing one mind-blowing theory to another, what are your thoughts on man-bags? Taboo?
J: Man-Bags have generally hold a negative connotation, but I think whatever gets the job done is what should be discussed. Like innovative ways to travel & store goods of all sorts.

11: A very wise view of the man-bag. What would you say, is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
J: How their vibe is before the outfit. Their vibe makes the outfit. If someone is smooth they can hold it all down.

11: Are we talking as smooth as Shaft or Dr. J? I’ll never be that damn smooth. *tear* Alright, alright, alright, forget being smooth, you’re automatically the man when you’re President! What would your presidential slogan be?
J: Party On Apes!

11: I swear to god if I time travel into the future and we’re over-run by chimpanzees, I may just go ape-shit! Ugh, I’m corny, I know. Ape or not, would you rather rock a Jheri Curl or a Mullet?
J: A Jheri Curl-Mullet fusion… see Devastatin’ Dave, Zip Zap Rap!!!

11: WHOA! Our first answer incorporating a fushion! 100 points for you dude. I sincerely hope that Devastatin’ Dave is devastating barbers to this day with that epic cut. Listen Josh, thanks so much for supply us with some great images and links. We’ll be seeing you around this week on the blog for some more epicness. Later all!


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