Fold & Roll


Every modern grocery store has one. You know, those reusable shopping bags. Usually somewhere between the register and the entrance/exit, they sit there in all their green, forward-thinking, non-polluting, environmentally-conscious glory. It’s a novel idea, straightforward, buy one of these bags, bring it every time you go shopping so you don’t need to use anti-environment plastic/paper (remember the trees people) bags. If you ask me, the grocery store should offer them for free, in some form, and just stop buying plastic/paper bags to begin with if you really wanna start a movement, that however is an elephant of a different colour. Flip & Tumble found a solution to the common conundrum with these bags to begin with. There is roughly 76% (semi-professional guesstimation) chance you will forget the bag at home. Hetal Jariwala and Eva Bauer came up with the idea of making the bag convertible into a ball so you can toss the bag into your existing satchel or have a quick joga bonito futbol session. Available on their website for $10.

photo5 photo7

Mikhail Budhai


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