Club worthy or chill worthy? This style of music proves that opposites really do attract. Before there was once a fine line between jazz, electronic, techno and hip-hop, and now that music is evolving it is almost impossible to put a title on it. We hear words like acid jazz or trip hop, which is modern title to an ambiguous genre.

Icelandic Sigur Rós is an absolute must listen to, if you haven’t already. Most of their songs are composed with no lyrics- just vocal sounds and instruments. On an interview, lead singer Jonsi commented on his choice of putting no words in most of the songs because he wants each listener to interpret each song in their own way. Listen to Olsen Olsen, Gong, and Saeglopur.

Bristol, England native band Portishead captures the essence of electro-chill in every sense of the word. Check out Machine Guns and It Could Be Sweet

Iceland’s Mum is more experimental than electronic. Their simplistic lyrics paint a child-like imagination while making you wonder if there is a deeper meaning. Listen to Sleep/Swim (I can’t find it on YouTube) and We Have a Map of the Piano

Also Copenhagen, Denmark native Oh Land! who playing during CPH Vision’s February fashion show is great as well. Definitely worth a listen…

Jessica Granato


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