Twitter Should Die


So Terrell Owens is fueding with his former QB, which is fine, that’s what we expect from TO, but on Twitter? Really now? Can’t he do it like a real man? For instance, he could tell his former QB and OC to their faces’ that he doesn’t like them. If that’s not what happened, it’s because I didn’t pay attention to SportsCenter as it idly mumbled random sports highlights. 

The real issue here is not sports, TO, or even Twitter.

It’s that we have stopped being a society that actually goes up to people we don’t like and tells them. Hell, the god damned Housewives on those Bravo shows don’t even do that, and they have to for ratings.

It seems that being an adult, let alone a man, has not just gone out of style, its become an ancient relic. What a shame.

Osama Eisa


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