Florence, Italy 2

Last week I brought you a few select pictures of interesting things that pass me by everyday, as you see this summer is dedicated to traveling and experiences abroad from all of us at Eleven. For this week I only have a few select pictures, as it has been quite rainy and not very eventful. 


To start off, Italy is a very crowded place, in terms of traffic, the only effective way to get anywhere in a city is either by scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.

Last week I showed you all a picture of a gentleman on a motorcycle who also happened to be my father, as I wandered the streets today in search of something interesting to happen I came across my old KTM which I sold to a good family friend. By chance I saw it parked on the street and snapped a picture. This is no regular KTM dirt bike, it’s the KTM Adventure S 950 Dakar. Perhaps one of the most versatile and enduring bikes ever. This bike is renowned for being durable and tough, it is the first choice of riders for desert rallies such as the storic Paris-Dakar. This particular version comes with a basic rally set-up, which means you could basically pick it up from your dealer, drive to the nearest desert, cross it and be home in time for dinner, all without having to do any major modifications. However, this bike is perhaps one of the most comfortable bikes to use for the everyday as well, not to mention the powerful liter engine has plenty of horsepower and displacement to make you pop a wheelie in third gear.

Anyways, enough about bikes for now.

Maybe not, this next example I actually found parked in front of a Pub in Florence. Its an old BMW, I would say a late 70s R65, hard to say since it is completely modified. It went from being a sports cruiser to being a custom chopper/ scrambler/ low-rider mix. Personally I like it, having had many custom bikes myself I can say this one is a fine piece of machinery that someone is calling their little jewel. The thing that stood out most however was the WWII container that was used by military couriers on motorcycles. This gentleman used it to carry his tools and quite frankly, it looks very nice. 

We continue to find something rather strange, the vest, not any vest, the pocketed vest, a fisherman wet dream, the more pockets the better, I’ve always thought that these vests have no business outside of a lake or boat but I gave it some though and you know what, they are still horrible. However, I have to say, if worn right such as this gentleman in the picture, perhaps with a few less pockets strategically placed it might not even be that bad. I’d still rather look at a horse’s ass for an hour than wear one. 

Lets move on to my latest encounter, today I went into a shop to buy a ring, I’ve been to this shop before, its in the middle of Florence called piercingheria.com, a strange name but that’s not the point. It is a rather small shop, a little bigger than a whole in the wall that sells all sorts of jewelry and specializes in piercings, the gentleman that helped me out was a very happy individual but what struck me most is his sense of style, quite frankly a few years back I would have not even looked at such a dress up, now however it seems to be quite the cool thing and you know what, I like it a lot. It brings in elements of Middle Eastern, combined with Moroccan jewelry effect, but the message it brings is “light”. An extravagant yet really simple and light way of dressing that is not annoying unlike many type “in the eye” dress ups. A simple collaboration between silver jewelry, a very colorful, light threaded cotton shirt and two colorful bandanas does the job. Not too bad I’d say.

As a final picture I found thins gentleman, walking across town, he just picked up the newspaper and quite frankly looks flawless.  Consider, it is so hot one sweats while showering, but some how he managed not to break a sweat as you can see by the stainless crème blazer.  The whole outfit takes on the light blue and brown tone, Italian’s favorite, but the thing that stood out the most to me were his glasses with the orange frame, pretty cool huh?


In any case, that’s it for this week, check back next week for some pictures of my new bike, a beast among bikes, a prolonged article on it and how it is a style icon for bikes that followed.


Ciao Bella Gente


Elliott Ebrahimi


1 Response to “Florence, Italy 2”

  1. 1 peggy fields July 18, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    It’s great seeing street pics of FI…so unmistakable
    I thiink what you guys are doing is very cool…only in
    Italy- abit of fashion, soccer, bikes, music..wait! no food!
    keep up the good work, Elliot!

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